Not a Pretty Business: Mears Tearsheet

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I recently photographed former model and now Boston University Professor of Sociology in Brooklyn. The article which ran in the Boston Globe Magazine reviews her recent book “Pricing Beauty” in which she went undercover as both a top runway model and a PHd candidate in Sociology to examine the fashion industry from the perspective of labor and sociology. She had some really interesting observations of the industry. She describes the modeling industry as a winner take all structure. A glut of laborers, many from overseas, who are willing to work for low pay in hope of the possible glory and fame down the road. She also gave interesting accounts of her trips to Eastern Europe to see the recruiting process there. With the complete objectification of models everyone in our culture it is refreshing to hear about them from the perspective of their wages, career, and future job prospects after they age out at 26. The online article is here. The book is here on Amazon.